Bone Grafting in Greensboro, NC

Strengthen and Restore Bone and Your Confidence

Dr. Tanner and Dr. Monaghan help patients build confidence in their smiles with regenerative bone grafting procedures.

Why Do I Need Bone Grafting?

If left untreated, the progression of periodontal disease has many damaging results, including shifting teeth, jaw pain, and bone loss. The presence of natural teeth allows patients to chew and bite, and it is through these routine activities that the jawbone is strengthened. Missing teeth messes with these routines, causing the jawbone to deteriorate and resulting in more serious problems, such as:

  • Additional tooth loss
  • Headaches and pain in the jaw and face
  • Distortion of the face
  • Increased wrinkling around the mouth and face
  • Problems speaking and communicating
  • Difficulty chewing and eating

Our practice provides patients with several options for restoring healthy smiles with regenerative bone grafting procedures.

The Progression of Bone Loss After Tooth Loss

Preparing Your Mouth For Dental Implants

Dental implants provide patients with an innovative and attractive alternative for replacing missing teeth. Our doctors prepare the the jaw bone using state of the art procedures for the placement of dental implants.

Sinus Lift/Augmentation in Greensboro, NC

Sinus Lift / Sinus Augmentation

When there isn’t enough quality bone in the upper back of the jaw, it can be difficult to successfully place dental implants. For patients who do not have enough bone near the sinus cavity to place dental implants, Our doctors can perform a sinus augmentation – also known as a sinus lift - to correct this problem by raising the sinus floor and developing bone for the placement of dental implants.

Bone Regeneration/Grafting in Greensboro, NC

Bone Regeneration / Bone Grafting

Our Doctors use advanced bone grafting techniques to restore or regenerate lost bone around teeth. Our doctors perform guided bone regeneration with biocompatible materials prior to the placement of bridges or dental implants. To learn more about esthetic periodontal surgery and how it can improve your smile — and your self-confidence - schedule your personal appointment with our doctor today by calling 336.545.5679.

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Protect Your Smile with Ridge Preservation and Augmentation

There are many reasons why patients have missing teeth. There are even situations that require the extraction of certain teeth, including infection, pain, injury, or bone loss. However, a missing tooth can cause surrounding gum tissue and bone to recede at a fast pace.

By filling the space left behind from a missing tooth with bone or bone substitute, Our Doctors minimizes jaw bone loss. This ridge preservation technique allows the body to repair the damaged area, and provides a strong foundation for future dental implants.

When only one tooth is missing, Our doctors may use ridge augmentation to strengthen a patient’s smile. Once a tooth is lost, an unsightly indentation may develop where the original tooth was located. Fortunately, Our doctors can correct this defect with ridge augmentation. This procedure can also improve the quantity and quality of tissue needed for dental implant placement.


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