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Extensive research has linked serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis with periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is essentially a bacterial infection in the gums, resulting from the build up of plaque and bacteria. Over time, this build up destroys the gum tissue that protects teeth, forming periodontal pockets that allow more plaque and bacteria to gather. Ultimately, patients who do not seek treatment experience tooth and bone loss, along with more serious complications in their overall health. Dr. Tanner and his team offer a wide range of individualized periodontal treatments to halt the progression of gum disease.

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Services We Feature Include:

This focused, individualized treatment halts periodontal disease, protecting the gums and bones that support your teeth. Periodontal maintenance generally occurs every three months, and includes digital X-rays to evaluate the health of teeth and bone, removal of plaque and tartar, and the measurement of periodontal pockets around teeth.
This specialized technique removes any hardened plaque that has attached itself to the surfaces of teeth, especially along the gumline. The roots of teeth are also treated, promoting healing and keeping bacteria from gathering in the future. Learn More >>
- If you have a “gummy” smile, a low or uneven gumline or a high lipline, Dr. Tanner can sculpt the gumline and lengthen teeth by removing excess gum tissue to expose more of the crown and tooth. This procedure creates harmony and balance between the teeth, gums and lips, creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.
Also known as Osseous Surgery or Flap Surgery, this procedure addresses the periodontal pockets that are formed between the teeth and gums as the disease progresses. Dr. Tanner reduces the risk of the progression of periodontal disease by removing bacteria and securing gum tissue into place. Dr. Tanner may also smooth any irregular surfaces on damaged jawbone, limiting the areas where bacteria hide, reducing the depth of periodontal pockets, and allowing gum tissue to reattach to healthy bone. Learn More >>
There are many reasons why patients have missing teeth. There are even situations that require the extraction of certain teeth, including infection, pain, injury, or bone loss. However, a missing tooth can cause surrounding gum tissue and bone to recede at a fast pace. By filling the space left behind from a missing tooth with bone or bone substitute, Dr. Tanner minimizes jaw bone loss. This ridge preservation technique allows the body to repair the damaged area, and provides a strong foundation for future dental implants. Learn More >>
Dr. Tanner and his team understand that there are many reasons for patients to have missing teeth, from injury and trauma to advanced periodontal disease. There is no judgment, only compassion, understanding, and a desire to help patients restore their confidence through healthy, natural-looking smiles through dental implants. Learn More >>
Dr. James Tanner is an emergency periodontist who provides relief from pain for those who need emergency periodontal care. Dr. Tanner and his team understand that periodontal emergencies can happen when least expected, and can include: inflammation, severe pain, or loose teeth. Learn More >>
Teeth with receding gums can be difficult to identify. Many patients notice that they have sensitive teeth when they experience increased tooth sensitivity to extreme temperatures or observe that some of their teeth look longer than others. Significant gum recession can result in the exposed roots of teeth, leading to tooth sensitivity, gum disease, or even tooth loss. The good news is that Dr. Tanner helps patients reverse the effects of receding gums through gum grafting. Learn More >>
LANAP®, also known as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is the only laser periodontal disease treatment approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. With LANAP®, there is no cutting or stitches, and there is much less pain with laser treatment than with standard surgery, both during and after the procedure. Learn More >>
Receding gums treatment in the past has involved traditional gum graft procedures, which can take a long time to heal. Dr. Tanner provides the revolutionary Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™), a minimally invasive way to treat sensitive teeth. Learn More >>

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