About Our Team

A group of dental professionals dedicated to your oral health.

About Our Team


Debi - Front Desk

Debi has been with us for over 15 years. She had no dental experience prior to starting with Dr. Tanner in 1999. She is now knowledgeable in every aspect of periodontal care. Debi enjoys working with our patients from the time they check in until the time they check out.

Danielle - Office Manager

Danielle started with Dr. Tanner as a dental assistant after graduating from GTCC in 2003. She currently works as our office manager and enjoys working with patients both clinically and professionally. A major advantage to having Danielle “upfront” is that she has seen and assisted all procedures and can answer just about any periodontal question.

Lisa - Dental Hygienist

Lisa is a registered dental hygienist who has practiced with Dr. Tanner since graduating from GTCC in 2005. Lisa is dedicated to building strong relationships with her patients while providing optimal periodontal care.

Megan - Dental Assistant

Megan is a dental assistant and began working with Dr. Tanner after graduating from GTCC in 2008. Megan has a great attitude and smile and excels at making patients feel comfortable.

Amy - Dental Assistant

Amy is our newest team member. She began working for Dr. Tanner in 2014 as a certified dental assistant after graduating from GTCC. Everyone enjoys her youthful enthusiasm. She has been a great addition to our office.

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